Commands List

View all of TwitchBot's commands here.

helpShows bot help
infoShows bot information
langSets the bot language
inviteDisplays a link to add TwitchBot to your server
statusShows Twitch API status
userGets info on a Twitch channel
stream userGets info on a channel's stream
stream watchShows a link to watch a Twitch stream in Discord
stream gameFetches a random stream of someone playing the specified game.
stream topFetches a random stream that is popular right now
gameGets info on a Twitch game
topGets the top ten most popular games on Twitch
clips fromGets a random clip from the specified Twitch user
clips gameGets a random clip from the specified game
clips trendingGets a trending clip
clips uservotedGets one of the most popular clips voted by TwitchBot users
notif addAdds a streamer notification for a streamer to the specified channel
notif removeRemoves a streamer notification
notif listLists active notifications for the specified channel
notif previewPreview a notification message
notif formattingShows variables that you can insert into streamer notification messages
live_role setSets the Live Role for the current server
live_role filterRestricts Live Role to users with a specific role
live_role deleteRemoves the Live Role configuration
live_role viewTells you which role is currently set up
listenListen to a Twitch stream in the current voice channel
nowplayingShows the stream that is currently playing, if any
leaveLeave the voice channel
overwatchShows Overwatch player stats
fortniteShows Fortnite player stats
filter setSets the server-wide toxicity filter
filter removeRemoves the server-wide toxicity filter.