Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about TwitchBot and its features.

What is TwitchBot's prefix?

TwitchBot's prefix is twitch (or !twitch). The bot doesn't respond to commands through anything else or @mentions.

What are TwitchBot's commands?

You can view a list of commands by typing twitch commands or by going to the commands page. If you need more general help, type twitch help.

Why does TwitchBot show a blank help message?

This is because you have disabled a setting within Discord. You need to re-enable this setting by going to Settings > Text & Images and turning on the setting named "Show website preview info from links pasted into chat".

How do I upvote TwitchBot?

Go to Log in with Discord if you haven't already, and press the button that says "Vote for this bot". Keep in mind that you need to vote every 12 hours to use audio.

I just upvoted, why doesn't the bot say I've done it?

This is due to a delay in the upvoting website. Please wait about 5 to 10 minutes for your upvote to register.

How do I add a stream notification?

You need to specify the streamer's Twitch name and the Discord channel you want it to trigger in. For example, typing twitch notif add #general twitchbot_discord will add a notification for in the general channel.

Why do I get "not a valid Twitch user"?

This happens when you put special characters in a command. All Twitch usernames are limited to a-z 0-9 and underscores, so trying to enter a username that is definitely invalid will not work. This is to help us reduce our API calls to Twitch.

How do I add a custom message to a stream notification?

You can simply add in the custom message after the command you would normally enter. For example: twitch notif add #general twitchbot_discord Hey @everyone, TwitchBot is live!. Markdown also works in descriptions.

How can I see who is set up for notifications?

Type twitch notif list #channel to view the notifications set up in the specified channel.

How do I set up live checking?

Type twitch live_check role replacing "role" with the exact, case-sensitive name of the role you want to add to users when they go live. If you get a permission error, see the question below.

Live checking isn't working

TwitchBot most likely doesn't have adequate permissions to add and remove users' roles. TwitchBot needs the manage roles permission to do live checking. The role that you want to add to live checking should also be below the role named TwitchBot.

Question not listed, or need more help?

Feel free to join the support server and one of our helpful staff members will answer your question.