A list of languages that TwitchBot's Discord interface has been (or is currently being) translated into. To set TwitchBot's language, type !twitch lang <language-code>. To view a list of available language codes, type !twitch lang help.

This list was last updated on 01/11/2019.

CN flag Chinese (Simplified)

TW flag Chinese (Traditional)

CS flag Czech

NL flag Dutch

FR flag French

DE flag German

HE flag Hebrew

HI flag Hindi

HU flag Hungarian

ID flag Indonesian

IT flag Italian

HI flag Kannada

KO flag Korean

LT flag Lithuanian

FA flag Persian

PL flag Polish

PT flag Portugese

RU flag Russian

ES flag Spanish

TR flag Turkish

All of TwitchBot's translations are community-driven. If you want to help translate TwitchBot, you can become a translator.